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AWS Well-Architected Audit

Security | Cost | Reliability | Performance | Operation

Compliance Checks

GDPR | HIPAA | PCI-DSS | MAS (Singapore) | CIS (Level 1&2) | ISO 27001

Advance Cost Analytics

Cost optimization | RI planner | Usage optimization

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AWS premier consulting partner & certified
well-architected audit partner

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AWS Well-architected

Scheduled an on-demand audit of your cloud setup on the 5 pillars of Well-Architected Framework – Security, Cost, Reliability, Performance, and Operations.

CloudEnsure is a product built by Powerup – an AWS Well-Architected Review Partner and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.

An automated discovery platform, CloudEnsure will continue to track the system for changes and will alert you when a non-compliance is identified.

Our customer success stories

CloudEnsure helped a large e-commerce company save more than $2 Million in it’s  yearly cloud spend. Using the automated well architected framework audit, CloudEnsure helped identify potential cost savings opportunities.

CloudEnsure, helped a large insure-tech meet it’s strict IRDAI compliance regulations. With it's CIS compliance audit modules, CloudEnsure was able to help the customer with 24*7 tracking. Making them always complaince ready on cloud.

Real-time compliance
checks on cloud

Keep you cloud systems in strict adherence with industry standard compliances including CIS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, MAS (Singapore), ISO 27001 and more.

CloudEsnure helps in continuous tracking of security and operations configurations across all your cloud accounts and alerts you when a change is identified.​​​

As an automated discovery platform, CloudEnsure will continue to track your cloud setup for changes and will alert you when a security violation or a non-compliance is detected.

Our customer success stories

How CloudEnsure helped one of the largest Healthcare companies to save $500,000 annually on AWS spend by Storage Optimization.

How a large E-com player achieved Well-architected & globally compliant Infra on AWS.

Advanced cost analytics tracks usage spend - suggests savings of 35% or more.

CloudEnsure helps you analyze the cloud usage based on resources, users, services, applications, tags and suggests possible cost savings in reference to unused resources, wrong  configurations, junk storage etc.

CloudEnsure tracks the usage hours of your cloud resources and suggests possible savings by moving to the Reserved Instances billing model.

CloudEnsure tracks the CPU usage metrics of your servers and databases and recommends possible downsizing or an alternate server family for optimizing your cloud costs.

Leverage CloudEnsure's
consulting partner network to implement recommendations

CloudEnsure is built as an intelligent assistant which helps you with recommendations to fix the vulnerabilities and gaps identified in your cloud setup. However with internal constraints, at times we might not be to implement all the recommendations. In such a scenario, you can leverage CloudEnsure’s partner network to find the right partner who can help you fix your security vulnerabilities and optimize costs.

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