5 reasons to bring FinOps into Organizations

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Reasons to bring FinOps into organization

FinOps also known as Cloud Financial Operations is defined by the FinOps Foundation as being an evolving cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that enables organizations to attain maximum business value by steering engineering, finance, technology, and business teams to collaborate and act on data-driven spending decisions.

FinOps, with defined best practices, is fundamentally growing to become a cultural practice where teams take efforts to control their cloud expenses as well as be responsible for their cloud consumption as a whole. Cross-functional teams from engineering, finance, product management, and other departments collaborate to speed up product delivery while also improving financial control and predictability.

While cutting down excessive costs is a crucial step in the process, the cultural shift brought about by FinOps empowers stakeholders to carry out their optimization tasks and transfers financial responsibilities onto them. The decision-maker has all the information required to optimize their cloud spending thanks to the combination of their keen financial awareness and in-depth understanding of the project. The best strategy to implement cloud cost governance in an organization is to incorporate FinOps.

Reasons to bring FinOps to your organizations

  • Deliver greater value to your clients 

Through improved planning and increased collaboration, FinOps concepts can deliver greater cloud savings and cost optimization in totality. 

Another aspect apart from cost optimization is, using FinOps to improve your cost management services enabling a high-value strategy for delivering effective cloud services that boost business outcomes, which in turn would help in offering higher business value to clients.

  • Become your customers’ go-to strategic partner

Providing clients with high-value services is only a portion of the solution. FinOps strengthens organizations by sharing a distinct viewpoint and domain of knowledge.

Strong cross-functional alignment, executive support, and a business plan with an emphasis on cloud operations and growth are highlights of FinOps offerings. With this alignment in place, you can establish more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with more enterprise stakeholders, which raises the possibility of enduringly expanding strategic partnerships and client relationships.

  • Create more confidence in the cloud

The capacity to enhance costs and keep a check on unexpected expenses continues to pose major obstacles to cloud migration. It becomes challenging to introduce consumers to best practices for cloud financial management while there are still numerous uncertainties about the cloud’s suitability for them.

Promoting FinOps techniques improves cloud visibility and results in more significant savings. These insights may help stakeholders feel less anxious, which can motivate them to shift more workloads to the cloud at an accelerated pace. It may also help clients move from on-prem to cloud and advance their FinOps journey by educating & upgrading themselves on the fundamentals of cloud finances.

  • Attract and retain the right talent

The resources within any organization act as key elements in successfully transforming businesses today. While specific FinOps certified professionals may not be compulsively required to practice FinOps, enabling key resources to learn and implement new services like cloud financial operations and management would always be an added advantage. The advent of FinOps would pave the way for existing employees to remain upgraded, create niche opportunities for themselves as cloud financial experts, helping organizations to retain them as well as attract new skilled resources to build a stronger employee base who can effectively manage cloud.

  • Compete and differentiate your business in the marketplace

As more and more businesses enter the cloud service space, creating differentiated service offerings is increasingly important to attract new customers. FinOps presents with the opportunity to engage new and existing customers with unique value propositions and methodologies. FinOps can pave the way to newer opportunities in the markets.

However, above all, FinOps requires decision-makers and team members in your organization to cultivate a deeper understanding of cloud financial management, combined with a strategy that aligns with business needs. 


FinOps is the key answer to the question – Am I being cost-effective?

The FinOps solution requires a shift and when done right it will emerge as delivering value rather than cost-cutting. According to the latest survey of the upcoming Cloud Infrastructure Report for 2022, it is found that 75% of enterprises surveyed believe that FinOps is vital to cloud success. FinOps will soon become a necessary (as opposed to a desirable) service such that MSPs will be able to fulfill client demands satisfactorily if they embrace FinOps today.

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