What is Compliance score?

Compliance score is a metric for calculating your organization’s current posture with a selected filters of rules and benchmarking them to the compliance frameworks you are being scored against. Compliance score can be calculated as following below – Compliance Score = Total no. of passed checks/Total no. of checks * 100

What Compliance Standards are supported?

We offer a complete compliance solution that includes a range of tools. Our cloud rules help you set boundaries that are organizationally defined and proactive. The supported compliances are as follows- HIPAA, CIS, PCI-DSS, APRA, NIST, GDPR, GxP, WAF, Azure Security Benchmark, DoD, CCM, IRS1075 also we are actively adding more compliances.

How does cloudensure compliance works?

Compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FedRAMP, and PCI require collaborative efforts between your CSP, your cloud governance software, and your organization. We have identified compliance vulnerabities and mapped it back to cloud services and checks in order to be more compliant with respect to your cloud infrastructure.