What is Cloud Health Checker?

In today’s era, cloud environments are becoming large and complex at the same time. With the migration of enterprises to cloud and an increase in the dependency on services provided by different operators, there is a high need to take care of respective cloud environments in terms of both security and operations.

Controlling or capturing the health status of such a complex cloud environment is extremely important to get complete visibility on your cloud environments and ensure if your environment is healthy enough to deliver your business needs without any unexpected failures or incidents.

CloudEnsure is offering a service named “Cloud Health Checker” for enterprises where it will conduct a free health check on their cloud environments and bring complete visibility across every aspect which includes:

Cloud-native Security Audit

With several data breaches happening around the world, security has become one of the major issues for enterprise’s cloud infrastructure setup. CloudEnsure provides you with an automated infrastructure security audit wherein it scans your complete cloud environment by performing several control and vulnerability assessments to expose the risk associated with any undesirable situation and measure how well your system conforms to a set of established industry standards & best practices.

After migrating to cloud, it’s not only upon cloud service provider to secure cloud environment, users are equally responsible. It has been observed that users are the one who fail to manage the controls of organizations data. CloudEnsure, through its “Security Posture Management”, makes sure that your environment is configured properly by continuously identifying security risks across your cloud infrastructure. It constantly monitors your system and performs security and compliance policy assessments making sure you are always alert.

An analysis & visibility of your cloud environment is needed to proactively detect and prevent various breaches along with maintaining transparency. It determines if the cloud environment confront standards that exists to prevent the system from various security threats. CloudEnsure continuously scans your cloud environment by performing several assessments and identify vulnerabilities. It ensures that you get a proper understanding of your cloud portfolio & make informed decisions.

Well-Architected Review

Today, with the rapid increase in cloud adoption, enterprises are using multiple public and private cloud services to deploy their applications and avoid vendor lock-in. CloudEnsure provides you a platform where you can govern multiple clouds under a single pane. It gives users an ability to add multiple cloud accounts having different users and their privileges. It continuously monitors all the accounts and highlights issues along with the remediation.

Most of the organizations have encountered Data Breaches in one or the other form just because they didn’t follow cloud best practices defined by industry experts. CloudEnsure assures, that you follow cloud best practices and match the standards set by industry benchmarks. This will ensure that you are always informed and avoid situations in the future where your organizations image can get impacted. Along with the well-architected review, CloudEnsure helps you adhere to regulatory compliances as well.

The Well-Architected framework provides you a structured way to compare your system with the best architectural practices and provide guidance to help you improve over time. Workloads that follow a well-architected framework can build and deploy easily, mitigate risks and make systems performance efficient. CloudEnsure focuses on the 5 pillars of well-architected governance which includes: Security, Cost, Reliability, Operational Excellence, and Performance. It provides you a point to point evaluation and gives you a measurement about your complete cloud architecture.


CloudEnsure performs a systematic review of vulnerabilities that are present in the cloud infrastructure and follows a process to ensure that your environment adhering to compliance standards. It identifies the vulnerabilities in the system, performs proper analysis, identifies the risk factors that have the potential to cause harm, and finally comes up with remediation steps to ensure your cloud portfolio is always compliant with the geography & industry you belong.

Automation has been the keyword in past decade & continues to drive organizations’ IT journey. CloudEnsure helps you to detect & resolve real-time security issues through its automated assessment & remediation.  The tool suggests multiple ways to enforce cloud governance policies and takes you one step further by automatically remediating the event that caused the policy violation. It is highly helpful in reducing operational inefficiencies and proactively handles fixing threats & vulnerabilities without human intervention.

Organizations want to reach the complete automation stage but everything requires a systematic process. CloudEnsure enables users to remediate the issue with just one click & simplifies remediation without the user losing control. Users need not worry about finding the remediation for any highlighted issues in the infrastructure. For every finding there is a response with automation available to fix or remediate the vulnerability. A user just needs a single click and the issue gets remediated.

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