CloudEnsure Case Study: Employing Smart Governance to attain Cloud Compliance

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A reputed geophysics French company with an existing Azure cloud setup was looking to structure and implement the NIST and CCM compliance frameworks. LTI Powerup, via its CloudEnsure governance platform, was to study and device the relevant industry-specific rules and regulations in order to optimize the infrastructure, data science, and geoscience technologies on the cloud. The client also intended to enhance their cloud hosting capabilities in the areas of exploration and production data management solutions for the global Oil and Gas industry. 

About Customer

The client is a geoscience technology leader housing a comprehensive range of geological, geophysical, and reservoir capabilities to customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry.

They have collaborated with Microsoft Azure to capitalize on its optimized suite of IT infrastructure, software, data science, and geoscience technologies while also taking advantage of the enhanced hosting abilities of exploration and production data management solutions. Through Azure, oil and gas companies worldwide will have access to the client’s voluminous library of geoscience data and analysis to enhance their design, development, and operations.

The Challenge

The client wants to ensure they adhere to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CCM (Cloud Controls Matrix) compliance frameworks while shifting to the cloud.

As a result, CloudEnsure was to study and understand the client’s cloud infrastructure and environment to recognize the set of defined industry rules and regulations applicable to them in order to build a tightly knit compliance framework. 


To ensure whether the client systems complied with industry-specific regulations, LTI Powerup cloud architects and experts engaged with the customer to understand their current architectural environment to lay out the initial groundwork that would act as a base to define appropriate compliance frameworks.

CloudEnsure, an intelligent multi-cloud governance platform by LTI Powerup, helped conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s cloud environment through continuous monitoring and audits. Mapping with CloudEnsure checks in addition to other customized analyses mainly with respect to cloud infrastructure and operating systems helped the client to formulate apt compliance standards.

The compliance module of CloudEnsure facilitates compliance scores to get an approximate idea about how much is a business complying with standards and how much more it needs to accelerate. The tool also helps remediate and mitigate risks.


A smart governance tool like CloudEnsure generates reports on a daily as well as a monthly basis and helps create customized reports from the existing available reports as well. It highlights gaps if any and lists improvement areas to help our clients match up to industry compliance benchmarks. These reports can be viewed, scheduled, and generated on a periodic basis via email or through integrated business communication platforms and just as importantly, automated as well to further enhance overall reporting operations.

LTI Powerup assessed and generated compliance-specific customized reports from the existing reports that were available in the tool.

With the NIST reports, the client was not only able to gauge their cloud computing capabilities by determining if they aligned with defined NIST standards but were also able to adopt an appropriate service model for their cloud services.

Thus, LTI Powerup’s CloudEnsure reporting module helped the client evaluate and eventually adhere to NIST and CCM frameworks after moving to the cloud.

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