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Many people believe that innovation is the key factor in instigating accomplishments in the cloud, be that as it may, as a general rule, everything boils down to controlling expenses. Numerous organizations on cloud find their cloud costs soaring high mainly due to lack of visibility and accountability, inappropriate provisioning of resources, poor application architecture design, lack of automation of policies and processes and the inability to forecast accurate required capacity. Also, an on-premise framework is usually financed by fixed forthright ventures whereas cloud utilization is treated as a regular operational cost. This additional cloud cost has to be accomodated for as well, which compels operational administration to undergo major modifications. It is vital that organizations dig deep into their cost insights that would provide them a clear visbility of how, where and what they are spending on.
Often, there are instances where cloud services are underutilized and it is necessary for users to keep track of their spending. This is where Coud Analytics comes into great use. The tool uses metrices that depict spend by region, spend by resources, top used/unused resources and subscriptions to name a few. Detailed output gets generated in a graphical format on a single dashboard making reports user-friendlier.

Furthermore, there are cost recommendations that provide information on how you can reduce and optimize costs.

With regular usage and experience, the tool helps channelize cloud spend efficiently. Whether it’s a short-term solution such as right sizing, switching to spot instances, releasing unused resources or creating reserved instances, the module is ideal and exhaustive. 

of Cost Analytics

Cost management and governance are gaining continual spotlight with the surge in multi-cloud undertakings. In a solitary cloud set-up, without the fundamental guardrails in place, there is a high possibility that associations may end up incurring huge cloud costs despite cost improvement measures and adapting to the cloud steadily. A multi-cloud environment comes with extra unpredictability.and therefore, cost analytics pose as an important aspect of multi-cloud management and governance systems.

Cloud cost analytics is considered as a reassessment to cloud management and governance and is an integral part of enterprise governance policies. Having cost analytics incorporated with the cloud governance platform will guarantee that cost consistency is steadfast. The present-day cost analytics tool additionally leverages on AI to make apt proposals for organizations to cut down on expenses.

Complete Visibility​

Cost Analytics, enables users to have complete visibility on their cloud resources, its instances, and also on their unused and orphaned resources.

Actual Cost Tracking​

The upmost problem for any business nowadays is cost exceeding budget. Budgets overshoot due to an increase in actual spending. With the help of Cloud Analytics, users will be able to track actual cost vs budget.

Trend Analytics​

Knowing the right pattern of your cost spend plays a vital role. Analyzing the day-to-day actual cost expended on your cloud environment through Cost Analytics gives you a fitting pattern of your total cloud spend value.

Cost Optimizations return far more than short term savings

According to Gartner, leading organizations take a proactive and strategic approach to cost optimization. This enables them to be better equipped to face and sustain the unknown – such as the uncertainty and disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic or the 2008 global recession.

Take a proactive, strategic approach to Costs

Cloud cost control become a leading issue for businesses

IDC reckons that global public cloud services and infrastructure spending will hit $210 billion in 2019, up 23.8 % from 2018. By 2022, spending on public cloud services will hit $370 billion.

In a survey done by RightScale, it was found that 8% of respondents were spending more than $12 million on the public cloud. 64% of respondents had cost savings as their top cloud initiative.

What CloudEnsure do
in Cost Analysis

CloudEnsure, a multi-cloud governance platform, facilitates its users to get insights into their cost spends on a single dashboard. Users can easily monitor their spending and reduce overall costs. CloudEnsure also provides users with proactive cost recommendations to reduce their overall cost spend.

Monthly Cost Analysis

CloudEnsure provides users with a graphical representation of their monthly spend analysis. By using monthly cost analysis, users can compare their current cost spends with last month’s costs as well as the projected cost. This helps users to analyze their monthly costs and take decisions concerning their upcoming expenses.

Cost Trend Analytics

CloudEnsure lets users examine their cost trends. With the help of cost trend analytics, customers can identify their regular cost spend patterns and easily determine when they are spending more.  Users can also compare their per day budgeted cost with actual cost spend on any particular day.

Cost by Service Analysis

Customers can view their cost spend on the services bought from their service providers. Cost by Service Analysis is represented in graphical form which allows users to compare the cost spend on different services with ease.

Cost by Region Analysis

Using CloudEnsure, customers can keep a check on their cost spend in different regions. It provides a clear picture of their spending on each service in different regions.


Proactive Recommendations

CloudEnsure, not just offers cost insights, but also provides proactive recommendations to their customers regarding their cost spend on reserved instances, right-sizing, and unused resources. It gives an approximate cost saving in the cloud environment. It also helps customers identify unused instances or resources for which they would otherwise end up paying unnecessarily.