Frequently Asked Questions

CloudEnsure is an intelligent cloud management assistant that runs audits of your cloud setup and analyses the same against the 5 pillars of AWS Well-architected Framework. It also conducts compliance checks for various industry standards including PCI-DSS,GDPR, HIPAA, CIS, etc.


CloudEnsure is a carefully built product from the stable of Powerupcloud – a Premier Consulting Partner with AWS and a Gold Partner with Microsoft Azure operating in 4 countries, with customers across 12 nations and over 200 certified cloud engineers and architects. With all the rich experience from running 1000s of well-architected reviews (WARs) for Powerup customers’ accounts, the think tank at Powerup has congregated to automate the otherwise manual audit process and build a tool from it to provide continuous cloud compliance set-up to their customers.

– CloudEnsure facilitates the following on your cloud setup:

  • Continuously tracks changes in your cloud account, identifies the vulnerabilities and recommends fixes under the 5 pillars of AWS Well-Architected Review.
  • Continuously monitors your cloud account for industry-leading compliances including GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CIS, MAS, to name some.
  • Tracks your cost on AWS and monitors the utilization metrics. Based on the data collected, CloudEnsure recommends the potential savings on your overall cloud spend under different categories including reserved instances, cleaning unused resources, sizing down the servers, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of your on-cloud servers, databases and storage across various vital infrastructure metrics like CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk IOPS, Network I/O, etc.
  • Foretell failures before time, through past trend analysis and extrapolate data to determine future failures, if any. CloudEnsure’s failure prediction is powered by advanced regression machine learning algorithms.
  • The crown jewel of all, CloudEnsure’s neural network powered decision-making AI engine will interpret the alerts in real-time and autonomously decide upon executing a known run-book or escalate to a support engineer.

CloudEnsure has 2 plans – Premium & Enterprise. Essentials and Premium are SaaS versions while Enterprise is a hosted version. 

CloudEnsure is available for purchase in 3 models –purchase using your credit card, through AWS Marketplace or via direct billing with CloudEnsure partners.

CloudEnsure integrates with the AWS APIs to pull metadata from your cloud account w.r.t security, cost, operations, etc. CloudEnsure doesn’t track your application data or passwords.

CloudEnsure’s SaaS application is SSL certified and the sensitive data is encrypted in-travel and at-rest. CloudEnsure runs on AWS, which follows AES 256-bit encryption. In addition to this, CloudEnsure servers are protected by TrendMicro’s Deep Security agent, which handles anti-virus, anti-malware, IDS & IPS protection.

No. CloudEnsure tool is built in a linear model so that there is full transparency between customers, partners and us. Only the user with the customer’s admin details can view data as we have implemented the Key Management System for all users. Anyone at CloudEnsure trying to access the data will see only the hashed values as they don’t have access to the key.

No. CloudEnsure’s SaaS models – Essentials & Premium, use only the read-only access of your cloud account. So there is no additional cost to you. However, if you opt for the hosted model where you get the real-time monitoring, prediction and decision making engines, you can expect marginal hosting charges metered by the application.

AWS Trusted Advisor covers only 54 rules and doesn’t provide implementable recommendations like CloudEnsure does. CloudEnsure covers over 500 rules across Well Architected Review (WAR) and Compliance Checks with its intelligent assistant providing accurate and easy-to-implement fixes. With CloudEnsure, you can flag vulnerabilities and assign them to your engineers for fixing.

CloudEnsure covers more than 500 checks across Well-Architected Review (WAR) and Compliance Checks with its intelligent assistant providing accurate and easy-to-implement fixes. With a few more compliance standards coming up, we are estimating the number of checks to cross 750 in a few months.

Yes. CloudEnsure’s pricing is not an AWS account based. It is based on your AWS billing. You can run several accounts, but our pricing is uniform. CloudEnsure’s plan and cost details can be found on the pricing page.

CloudEnsure has different frequencies for different audits. The Well-Architected Review (WAR) audits happen every 60 minutes (this can be tuned to every 4 hours) and the data   is captured while the compliance checks and cost analytics audits are run every 24 hours.

Yes and No. CloudEnsure’s compliance check module runs audits for several industry compliances like PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CIS, ISO 27001, MAS, etc. But these industry-standard audits have several functional requirements too which are not tracked by CloudEnsure. Hence we would advise customers to use CloudEnsure as a confirming tool on your cloud compliance which normally covers 99% of your compliance needs.

We are currently building the Azure integration and we will soon launch the GCP integration too. Both of these are slated to hit GA (global availability) by mid-2019.