How a large E-com player achieved Well Architected & globally compliant Infra on AWS

Who is the customer?

A leading E-Commerce Technology Platform, supporting global brands across the globe.

What is the problem statement?

The customer was a leading technology platform, supporting multiple global brands on their e-commerce channel. The platform supported completely on AWS, with multiple accounts & users having access to these accounts. With multiple vendors having access to the accounts, the no of users bloated, with very little control over access & policies. This resulted in a huge security breach in AWS, eventually leading to their customers losing faith in their security measures, doubting the information they exposed on the portal.

How did CloudEnsure help customers fix this problem?  

CloudEnsure is an intelligent Cloud Governance platform, which helps customers govern their environment on AWS, optimizing costs & best practices on the cloud. With CloudEnsure, the customer conducted governance audits across 6 AWS accounts, each being access by different local brands. With more than 500 checks run across the accounts, CloudEnsure was able to highlight 200+ vulnerabilities across security & global compliances, including GDPR, MAS & CIS Level 1 & 2 compliances. Apart from sharing detailed reports on these vulnerabilities, CloudEnsure also highlighted the actions that had to be taken to fix the vulnerabilities & ensure compliance.

Benefits to the customer?

The CloudEnsure consulting team used the reports from CloudEnsure to fix the 200+ vulnerabilities across 6 AWS accounts, managing multiple vendors & users, defining compliant policies and ensuring all security measures are met.

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