How CloudEnsure helped a large Healthcare company save $500,000 annually on AWS spend by Storage Optimization

Who is the customer?

One of the largest Healthcare companies, with operations across the globe & 10,000+ employee strength.

What is the problem statement?

Being one of the largest Healthcare companies, the customer had been operating 15+ AWS accounts for the past 5 years, billing more than $8 Million on AWS annually. Being a traditional organization, their cloud setup lacked proper governance & metrics to make it robust & secure. Since no monitoring or best practices had been enabled, the customer was billing more than average on AWS.

How did CloudEnsure help customers fix this problem?

CloudEnsure is an intelligent Cloud Governance platform, which helps customers govern their environment on AWS, optimizing costs & best practices on the cloud. The CloudEnsure team conducted an audit on the customer’s AWS setup, across more than 15 accounts, handled by multiple teams & vendors, and extracted usage statistics for all the accounts.

The most important metrics were extracted, including a detailed report on unused resources, spend across accounts & resources, user-level spends, etc., to give a 360-degree view of the storage spend across accounts & share a detailed view on how storage can be optimized.

Benefits to the customer?

With the detailed reports on storage optimization, resource utilization & AWS spends on Cloudensure, Powerup’s Consulting team had clear action items to Optimize Storage & reduce spend on AWS to half within a year, helping them reduce their annual AWS spend by more than $500,000.

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