How CloudEnsure helps e-commerce company to save $2 Million.

CloudEnsure helped a large e-commerce company save more than $2 Million in their yearly cloud spend through it’s automated well-architected framework audit, which identifying cost savings opportunities in client’s cloud setup.

The customer

Customer is a fast-growing well-funded e-commerce startup in India with a 200+ technical team.

What is the problem statement?

The customer was focused on the rapid development process and therefore missed implementing strong cloud governance structures. At the peak of the problem, close to 80 engineers had access to the production AWS account with rights to create, modify, delete AWS resources at will. All these led the monthly AWS to spend to reach $250,000 while an equivalent business of the same nature and volume was operating well under $50,000 per month.

How did CloudEnsure help

CloudEnsure’s automated Well Architected Review audit module (previously called as AWS Best Practices Tool) ran an initial thorough diagnosis on customer’s AWS account and pulled in all the gaps and vulnerabilities in customer’s AWS accounts the five pillars of Well Architected Framework  – Security, Cost, Operations, Reliability & Performance. CloudEnsure also suggested possible fixes to the vulnerabilities identified which helped customer to implement changes faster.

Benefits to the customer?

By using CloudEnsure for continuous tracking of vulnerabilities and gaps, the customer was able to implement the recommended changes on their AWS environment, tightening access controls and eventually reducing their monthly cloud spend from $250,000 to $40,000, this saving above $2 Million a year.

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