Reporting solutions for enhanced visibility of your cloud infrastructure

Why cloud monitoring is essential?

In order to define a well-structured cloud framework, organizations need to build themselves a comprehensive cloud management strategy through governance and reporting that work in conjunction with each other.
With the rapid onset of cloud business solutions, it is vital that cloud infrastructure is rightly supervised via an appropriate cloud monitoring system.

Cloud monitoring helps capacitate tracking, monitoring and appraising performance, security, cost, workflows, resources and availability of the cloud architecture, application and services. Information derived from monitoring can be generated and shared via reporting mechanisms, to bring more transparency within the system as well as gain insight on data. This enables the stakeholders and management to administer the overall health of the organization’s cloud system.

Cloud Reporting - How it works

Reporting tools play an important role in monitoring business operations.

  • Enables systematic analysis of information and statistics on a continual basis.
  • As against the traditional reporting systems, a business intelligent tool is able to facilitate manual as well as auto generated checks and alerts vis-à-vis pre-defined as well as customized filters.
  • Tools help generate centralized reports that validate essential and vulnerable areas of business like security and budgets more efficiently.
  • Reports can be accessed, viewed and analyzed by cross-functional teams within and outside organizations based out of multiple locations at any given point in time.

Reporting solutions with CloudEnsure

A smart governance tool like CloudEnsure has an exhaustive reporting module featuring multiple pre-defined policies and functions. However, all pre-defined policies may not adhere to an organization’s requirements and for certain specifications, customization is necessary.

Policies are defined based on the cloud services present, the resources in the service and the operations involved where a policy is a rule or a guideline, such as, “All passwords will expire in 60 days” or “Illegal conduct is subject to severe action and may result in temporary suspension for 3 months”.

On the CloudEnsure tool,

  • Alerts are flashed whenever an occurrence matching an existing policy surfaces.
  • Creation of customized policies is facilitated.
  • Policy violations or issues in checks, if any, are grouped and displayed on the dashboard. For example, if an organization’s password policy sets the expiry of password in 60 days, then all the checks pertaining to that organization will be clubbed and notifications regarding password expiry will be sent accordingly.
  • Alerts and reports related to organization policies, log management, cost spends and security can be viewed, scheduled, sent via email, SMS or integrated with platforms like Tableau and Slack.
  • Users can compare the number of recurring issues and monitor change management correspondingly.
  • Easy collaboration as well as instant data sharing with auditors, pertinent stakeholders and teams that do not have direct access to reports on the tool is ensured.

Reports on CloudEnsure tool are available in summary as well as detailed form and can be scheduled on daily, weekly, monthly or customized timelines to allow smooth conduct of recurring meetings and everyday business operations.

  • Summary reports comprise of a maximum of 6 to 7 pages and displays name of client, time of report generation with executive summary of percentage pass and fails with high, low and medium severities. It also provides details on “which services were scanned” to get the report.
  • Detailed reports have all of the above along with minute particulars of each applied service check. They are substantial with over 90+ pages to it.


CloudEnsure takes care of the entire reporting lifecycle, right from provisioning the data online, processing and validating it to generating all the multi-essential business reports on cloud.
Automating reports further enhances the reporting operations and shapes businesses to turn more proactive and dynamic.

Since the setup is on cloud, access, backup, maintenance and support are centralized, providing flexibility, scaling and significant cost optimization.

If you are looking at optimized reporting solutions and strengthened monitoring systems then CloudEnsure is the tool to settle on. We will ensure that your business experiences enhanced operational efficiency and improved security, compliance and performance standards with CloudEnsure.