Significance of UX Design: Building a Cloud Governance Platform

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Significance of UX Design in Cloud

What is UX (User Experience)

Before we get into addressing how to enhance customers’ cloud experience, we must first understand what UX is. In simple terms, we can define UX as the process of designing, which helps enhance customer experiences when they choose to interact with any product. UX stands for User Experience. UX design is not only about looking and feel or visuals but also about how it works. UX designs help you to build your products into becoming more user-centric and user-friendly.

Increasing Importance of UX in cloud computing

Cloud computing offers many features that make it easier for companies to handle data and applications. The increasing number of cloud-based applications and the integration of UX into these applications, not only help you expand your user base but also plays an important role in increasing performance.

Introducing UX into cloud applications can be beneficial in persuading customers towards your product. If the user experience is positive, the likeliness of customer acquisition as well as customer satisfaction increases. Similarly, with such improved applications being used for onboarding, the training costs can be further controlled. Thus, UX and cloud computing can together provide high business value through saving notable time and resources while also increasing the customer base.

Driving a significant impact through UX for Cloud Applications

To implement UX into cloud applications successfully, you need to consider some important aspects as mentioned below:

Know your user first

Researching your users before designing for them is very important and should be routinely followed. Perform quality checks on how the user interacts with the application and regulate its main features as per user preferences. Trying to understand the expectations of the user will be vital in designing the user interface of the application.

Smooth User flow

If you want your product to be user-friendly, it would be necessary to create a user flow that is seamless, logical, and intuitive. You should know what your customer exactly wants to create and accordingly aim for an easy and clean user flow to offer a smooth and minimal user journey.

Discuss first

Discuss multiple ideas before implementing the design to bring out the best possible ideas and outcomes to improve the UX. Ensure to always review your design, share it with relevant stakeholders to add suggestions, and derive maximum user inputs and satisfaction.

Adopting the right approach: UX Design principles

  • Keep designs simple

Designs and/or systems should be kept simple and wherever possible, complexities must be avoided—as simplicity guarantees the greatest levels of user acceptance and interaction. Remove unwanted elements and focus on what’s important.

  • Make designs easy to use and consistent

Consistency means designs and functionalities are uniform across all your pages and products. Creating an interface that feels familiar can comfort the users and navigation through pages get easy. 

  • Create designs that are more transparent, effective, and efficient for users

It simply means that your design should be able to reduce the user’s work steps and minimize the time taken to reach their goals when they interact with your product. This will help build the user’s interest as well.

  • The design and structure should look good, feel great and work in auto-mode

Design is an act of communication. A good interface is an entry point to any user, where trust is established between the customer and the product.

  • Assist your customer with video tutorials, instructions, pop-up, documentation

Video tutorials, instructions, pop-ups, and documentation will help the user to get a clearer perspective and understand the functionalities. It is the easiest way to engage and help your customer.

  • Optimize loading time

Web page loading speed is a crucial part of a site’s usability. You must ensure the product page loads speedily to keep the customer engaged and interested as well as boost the site’s crawl rate.

  • Construct a strong and well-organized information architecture

With a strong IA, it becomes significantly easier to make key decisions regarding new features and implementations, to understand timelines for product changes, and to follow user behavior through multiple processes.

Implementing User Experience best practices to build CloudEnsure

We are constantly striving to deliver the best user experiences for our customers. To fulfill client requirements our technical team has been dedicatedly working on introducing new functionalities backed by in-depth research, requirement gathering, and crafting the best design solutions.
On a continual basis, we seek industry expert advice, conduct regular user testing, try to detect, and address challenges, to improve our designs with the best of solutions. Our focus is to always deliver a seamless and smooth user flow.


Poor user experiences result in a poor interaction rate. However, because of incorporating UX, we have been capable of delivering the best cloud governance platform that ensures continuous improvement and the finest user experiences. We boast a robust foundation in user research and testing that helps us distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the cloud market. We guarantee and delight in introducing the best cloud governance products and UX practices to all our users.

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