Strengthening & Securing Cloud Infrastructure for a financial planning and management platform using CloudEnsure

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Who is the Customer?

Our client is an all-inclusive social media platform for financial planning that offers services such as asset management, budgeting, retirement planning, and managing your financial data repository all under one roof. They also provide financial projections by converting available complex data into easy-to-view reports and charts along with augmented intelligence tools via integrated technologies to enhance their clients’ usage and experience. 

What is the problem statement?

The customer was running its day-to-day business operations on an external network system and wanted to migrate and host its existing applications in the AWS cloud mainly for future scalability, reliability, and high availability. They were looking for a trusted partner with high expertise in AWS who could help them to migrate efficiently with minimal downtime and optimum infrastructure security. The ask was to have governance in place from the beginning due to the strict geographic compliance & security requirements. 

How did CloudEnsure help customers fix this problem?

Our cloud experts engaged with the customer to understand their current architectural environment to propose a suitable cloud migration strategy. LTI Powerup, with Cloud Ensure, its intelligent multi-cloud governance platform, devised an advanced plan of action to secure the clients’ cloud setup, minimize the overall infrastructure costs and monitor AWS’s well-architected and compliance frameworks through its integrated reporting tools.  

The Well Architected Audit (WAA) module of the Cloud Ensure tool facilitated assessment and enhancement of the entire cloud architecture across the five pillars of the Well-Architected Audit. The tool provisioned the client to detect and remediate occurrences related to log management, cost spends and security via its multiple pre-defined as well as customized policies and functions.  

Multiple layers of protection were implemented by using a suite of AWS services to majorly put an end to sensitive data being accessible to unauthorized third parties. To optimize the environment further, adjustments to Amazon GuardDuty were endorsed by CloudEnsure to help highlight malicious activities, if any. 

This ensured that workloads that followed a well-architected framework could build and deploy easily and at a faster rate, while also mitigating risks and making system performances more efficient. Due to an early adoption a constant adherence with best practices helped in consistently measuring the client’s cloud portfolio to identify areas for improvement. 

Cloud Ensure, a smart governance tool has an exhaustive reporting module that helped monitor and detects violations, ensures compliance checks were adhered to and capacitated overall governing to bring in more transparency and attain insight into data and architecture construction on the cloud. The reports could be viewed, scheduled, and generated on a periodic basis via email, SMS, or through integrated business communication platforms. 

AWS Services in Focus 

EC2, RDS, S3

Benefits to the customer?

  • The database is now secured with the prevention of unauthorized public access 
  • Static data stored in AWS S3 buckets are now encrypted. 
  • A governance mechanism is in place from the very beginning leaving no scope for errors 
  • Organization & geography-specific policies have been defined to ensure 100% compliance, 100% of the time. 

The Cloud Ensure tool not just enabled to strengthen and secure the infrastructure but also ensured cost recommendations to eliminate unwanted costs and optimize expenses without overspending. The WAA module offered solutions to recover from quick service or infrastructure disruptions if any, while running and monitoring the systems on a continuous and automated basis, thus enhancing reliability, operational efficiency, and performance. 

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