Get more productive with automated cloud workflow management

Looking for integrated workflow solutions on your Cloud Portfolio?

Integration is the first step towards building a workflow automation system as automating workflows help configure, design, execute and monitor business processes better.
Since Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) provides a process-oriented framework to IT lifecycle management, the need for integrated ITSM software solutions is on the rise. It helps streamline and automate IT functions, like incident management, service request fulfillment, issue tracking and change as well as ticket management in accordance with industry best practices.

Workflow Integration features


The CloudEnsure tool assesses customer’s cloud infrastructure by performing checks across the 5 pillars of security, cost, reliability, performance and operations. CloudEnsure’s workflow integration module helps integrate with existing ITSM tools that offer issue logging as well as remediation across all pillars to monitor and provision for the cloud accounts better.

Features include muting unwanted checks, manual as well as auto-remediating security issues and highlighting integration details that help recommend and remediate fixes. The CloudEnsure tool displays ticket details like its severity, status, subject, ID, age of issue, resource and region under appropriate cloud service sub-heads.


CloudEnsure is capable of delivering detailed automated audits, vulnerability assessment and performance reports to facilitate data analysis. Reports can be viewed or downloaded in excel or pdf formats, sent out as notifications via emails or flashed as alerts through the integrated business communication tools like Slack.
Any changes in the status of the logged issues can also be sent out as alerts from the CloudEnsure tool.
The tool will comprehend for availability of multiple auto-generated reports with the option to enable or disable notifications as per customer’s requirement. The above features are optional and alternatively, customers can continue to login to the CloudEnsure tool to track the status of issue logs.
Additionally, the tool allows smooth automation of workflows, enables well-architected infrastructure, lets organizations adhere to compliance standards, provides cost saving recommendations to optimize cloud spends besides knowing exactly where and how they are spending.

Why CloudEnsure?

CloudEnsure is an intelligent cloud governance tool; built as a self-service platform, that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows with an incremental approach.

The workflow integration module offers configuration and customization with available ITSM and communication channel integrations for faster issue logging and tracking along with generation of performance reports to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • If organizations face issues like “telnet port on EC2 is open to public” or “termination policy status for an EC2 instance is not enabled” in their AWS well architected framework security pillar, the admin, engineer or business head can raise a ticket for the ITSM team through the CloudEnsure tool.
  • Once a new ticket is raised via an integrated tool, CloudEnsure segregates the issues based on severity, where severity is categorized as “All”, “Catastrophic”, “Critical”, “Moderate” and “Low”.
  • Likewise, facilitating business communication channel integration via the CloudEnsure tool enables organizations to foster a more flexible and collaborative workforce while creating unambiguous roles and responsibilities.
  • These tools could either be pre-built and available on CloudEnsure or can be integrated as and when required.

List of tools that have integrated with CoudEnsure

Tools that have been integrated with CloudEnsure are ServiceNow, FreshService, Jira, Pagerduty, CASD, BMC remedy, Slack and MSteams, to name a few.


ServiceNow is a widely used ITSM ticketing tool that process and catalog customer service requests.


BMC remedy is a powerful ITSM ticketing tool and a people-centric solution platform that makes use of emerging technologies.


FreshService is a cloud based IT help desk and service management solution that enables organizations to simplify their IT operations.


Jira is agile project management software and a software-testing tool used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.


PagerDuty is an incident management platform that provides reliable notifications, automatic escalations and on-call scheduling to fix infrastructure related issues.


CASD known as Computer Aided Standards Development (CASD) is a help desk ticketing system that helps automate standards development process.


Slack is a one-stop workplace communication platform for instant group as well as one-to-one messaging and work related tools and files.


MS Teams are a chat based collaboration platform enabling healthier document sharing, online meetings, decision-making and communications within organizational teams.

Organizations may be using multiple tools or might need more than one ITSM provider; in either case, CloudEnsure can facilitate both with ease, while keeping their cloud environment intact.


The greatest value add from the CloudEnsure tool is:

  • Improved operational efficiency,
  • Reduced IT costs,
  • Enhanced user experience with better transparency and accountability,
  • Increased productivity by aligning employees towards standardized and goals and well-defined automated processes.
  • Let’s organization’s business environments remain uninterrupted.
  • Not a single process needs to be changed and any resource from any department with limited or zero knowledge on cloud, can still work on the tool.

If you are looking at optimizing your cloud governance journey or want to streamline your existing workflow integration and automate them, then CloudEnsure is definitely a befitting solution in the current digitally transforming business world.